A143 – Pentecost 14 (Exod 12:1-14, Matt 18:15-20)

By the Well
By the Well
A143 - Pentecost 14 (Exod 12:1-14, Matt 18:15-20)

Bill Loader joins the podcast this week to help unpack Matthew’s advice in resolving Christian conflict without gossiping (Mt 18:15-20). We discuss the tension between forgiveness and judgment in this section of Matthew’s Gospel, between holding offenders accountable and the ongoing demand to love them.

Exodus 12 tells the story of Passover, a story that undergirds both ancient and living rituals that are foundational for Jewish identity and speak about the liberating love of God. We point out that the Passover lamb is not a sin sacrifice, but a symbol that protects and frees. Such theological images are applied to Jesus’ death in the NT.

Bill Loader’s Lectionary resources page:  http://wwwstaff.murdoch.edu.au/~loader/lectionaryindex.html

Joel Baden’s Exodus Book.  https://press.princeton.edu/books/hardcover/9780691169545/the-book-of-exodus