B107 – Epiphany 5 (Mk 1:29-34, Isaiah 40:21-31)

By the Well
By the Well
B107 - Epiphany 5 (Mk 1:29-34, Isaiah 40:21-31)

Both readings this week give profound insight into the nature of God in diverse and complementary ways. Robyn and Fran talk about “Jesus the exorcist” in Mark’s gospel and how healing and exorcism are signs of the capacity of Jesus to liberate humanity from evil. Isaiah 40 poses the question “to whom can you liken God?”. Addressed to exiles to inspire hope, Isaiah offers an expansive, awe-inspiring account of the God who strengthens the weak and overturns the powerful.

We refer to this article by Julia Baird on the “overview effect” and this commentary on Mark by Joel Marcus.