April 01, 2020


A122 – Easter Sunday (Mt 28:1-10)

A122 – Easter Sunday (Mt 28:1-10)
By the Well
A122 – Easter Sunday (Mt 28:1-10)

Apr 01 2020 | 00:27:27


Show Notes

Rev Dr Craig Thompson joins us this week to talk about preaching the Resurrection on Easter Sunday – on what may be the strangest Easter for most of us as the covid epidemic rages.  Robyn talks about the apocalyptic, cosmic account of the resurrection in Matthew. Craig talks about the Resurrection being ‘God’s yes’ to those who have died’.  How might we react to an experience of the presence of God – with fear or joy? What is it to be resurrected with Christ?

In this episode we mentioned Rowan Williams’ The Sign and Sacrifice. You can read many of Craig’s sermons here.

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