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Robyn Whitaker

A weekly podcast where a Minister and a Biblical scholar discuss the lectionary readings to equip preachers to proclaim the Word.

B120- Easter 6 (John 15:9-17, Acts 10:44-48)

By the Well
B120- Easter 6 (John 15:9-17, Acts 10:44-48)
The readings this week invite us to reflect on change, the role of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus’ commandment to love. Acts 10:44-48 narrates the “gentile pentecost”, the delightful interruption of the Holy Spirit who falls upon everyone while Peter is speaking. This is the fourth pouring out of the Spirit in Acts, this time prior to water baptism and upon those outside the faith. Peter exemplifies the capacity to change in response to God’s prompting. John 15:9-17 continues Jesus’ teaching on abiding in love and the command to love in the manner of Jesus. Psalm 98 expresses joy at the thing God has done and offers a way to respond to these NT passages. We refer to “Tank man” and this protester, Ieshia Evans.
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