Episode 49

November 03, 2023


A251 Pentecost 24

A251 Pentecost 24
By the Well
A251 Pentecost 24

Nov 03 2023 | 00:32:15


Show Notes

Kylie and Robyn discuss Matt 25.1–13, 1 Thess 4.13–18, and Josh 24.1–3a, 14–25. We set the Matthew reading in the context of the wider set of eschatological sayings in this section, noting some traps in translation (bridesmaids! lamps!), and the irony that all ten young women (including the wise ones) fall asleep! On 1 Thessalonians, we counter the idea of a rapture and talk about the pastoral issue being addressed by Paul. And in Joshua, we look at both the difficult claims about colonising the land and the passage's focus on choosing God. 

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