Episode 33

July 29, 2021


B 133 - Pentecost 11 (Proper 14)

B 133 - Pentecost 11 (Proper 14)
By the Well
B 133 - Pentecost 11 (Proper 14)

Jul 29 2021 | 00:27:14


Show Notes

Dorothy Lee joins Kylie and Fran to explore major themes in John 6, focusing on the gospel reading for the day (John 6:35,41-51), but taking in passages throughout the five weeks of John in the lectionary. We touch on the broader structure of this section of John’s gospel, and the relationship of John 6 to Passover and Exodus. Moving into key themes of eternal life, true bread, universalism and the invitation to believe.

We mention Dorothy’s book The Gospels Speak: Addressing Life’s Questions

A story from Thomas Merton’s collection The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers.

Listeners might also like to read Sara Miles’ Take this Bread.


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