Episode 20

April 20, 2022


C120 - Easter 3

C120 - Easter 3
By the Well
C120 - Easter 3

Apr 20 2022 | 00:27:53


Show Notes

In this episode, U-Wen and Robyn discuss the role of Ananias in bringing Saul into the Christian community (Acts 9:1-20), Peter's restoration to discipleship and mission (John 21:1-19), and the entire creation's worship of the Lamb and enthroned one in Revelation (Rev 5:11-14). All exemplify the kinds of faithful responses to the resurrection available to Christians both then and now, as well as the early church's emphasis on forgiveness and working with the Spirit. We mention Ian Paul's Psephizo blog post on John 21 and the words for love.

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