Episode 49

October 18, 2023


A 249 Pentecost 22

A 249 Pentecost 22
By the Well
A 249 Pentecost 22

Oct 18 2023 | 00:28:33


Show Notes

Kylie and Rachel discuss Deuteronomy 34.1–12, Psalm 90.1–6, 13–17, and Matthew 22.34–46. In the story of Moses's death they reflect on the images of perfection the passage leaves us with and transition of leadership when the task is not yet fulfilled, and in Matthew, the conflicts over the greatest commandment and Jesus's identity. Robyn Whitaker's Book Even the Devil Quotes Scripture, and John Barclay's treatment of the "one-way gift" in Paul and the Gift also feature in the conversation. 

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