Episode 21

May 10, 2021


B121 - Easter 7

B121 - Easter 7
By the Well
B121 - Easter 7

May 10 2021 | 00:28:42


Show Notes

Psalm 1, Acts 1:15-26, John 17:6-19 are the focus this week. Acts 1 narrates the choosing of a new leader to replace Judas, raising questions about how we choose leaders and what we look for in our leaders. The Psalm invites us to “mediate on God’s Torah (instruction)”. In many ways it frames and introduces all the Psalms, placing them in continuity with the first five books of the Bible (Torah), challenging believers to meditate on the scriptures and offering hope for a world where the righteous flourish.

In John 17 we get part of Jesus’ farewell prayer for his disciples asking for their protection and assuring spiritual connection. Do we pray for our congregations? And what for?

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